Below you will find the Latest Russell Brand Trews episodes conveniently placed in chronological order starting with the most recent at the top but if you would like to have a look at some of the older Trews episodes just scroll down, enjoy.

7 Pros For Brexit ~ Russell Brand The Trews Extra

Trews Episode 366: Final Episode Of The Trews – Goodbye, Goodluck

Trews Episode 365: MPs – If They F*ck Our Children Are The F*cking Us All?

Trews Episode 364: Who Is Worse For Britain – Blair Or Corbyn

Trews Episode 363: Donald Trump Is A Joke – Period

Trews Episode 362: Why Are Fox Bullying The Homeless?

Trews Episode 361: Donald Trump & Bill O’Reilly – Trew Love?

Trews Episode 360: DMT – Can We Experience A Different Reality?

Trews Episode 359: How To Find Peace? Let Go

Trews Episode 358: Last Nazi Jailed – What About Today’s Brutalities?

Trews Episode 357: From 50 Cent To Ferguson – What Is Happening To Black America?

Trews Episode 356: Could Amy Winehouse Have Been Saved?

Trews Episode 355: Support Cabbies vs Tax Avoiding Uber

Trews Episode 354: Should Miss Universe Trump Mexicans?

Trews Episode 353: My 1st Solo Trews

Trews Episode 352: Tunisia – Tabloids & Jeremy Kyle Vs Brand

Trews Episode 351: If We Leave It To Politicians We’re All Fucked

Trews Episode 350: Tunisia Minute Of Silence – Total Bullshit

Trews Episode 349: Kanye At Glastonbury – Do We All Need Festivals?

The Trews Is Changing

Trews Episode 348: Can We Reclaim The Police?

Trews Episode 347: Should I Be Allowed To Talk To School Children? Trews Work In Progress

Trews Episode 346: Austerity March – Hate The Mail? Love The Police?

Trews Episode 345: Are We Told Stories To Prepare Us For The Future?

Trews Episode 344: Bilderberg Group – Does It Matter If They’re Lizards?

Trews Episode 343: Can Jeb Bush Finally Win WW2 For The Nazis?

Trews Episode 342: Trew Dictionary – New Words For New Ideas

Trews Episode 341: Jurassic World – Capitalism Eats Itself 

Trews Episode 340: Why Would Fox Defend Police Pulling Guns On Children?

Trews Episode 339: Australia – Still A Prison Colony?

Trews Episode 338: Donald Trump – Protecting Scotland’s Interests?

Trews Episode 337: The Daily Mail – A New Campaigning Partner?

Trews Episode 336: “The Briefcase” – TV For The End Of The World?

Trews Episode 335: A Look At Same-Sex Marriage In Australia 

Trews Episode 334: Is Our Fascination With Caitlyn Jenner Our Desire For A New Goddess

Trews Episode 333: Why Does America Really Care About FIFA?

Trews Episode 332: Why So Hard On Silk Road?

Trews Episode 331: Queen’s Speech – Addressing The Poor From A Golden Chair?

Trews Episode 330: Crucial Year For Climate Change

Trews Episode 329: Do Revolutionaries Dream Of Lemon Trees?

Trews Episode 328: Trews Reflects – New Methodologies Needed

Trews Episode 327: Boston Bomber Execution – Justice Or Crime?

Trews Episode 326: Alternative To Austerity – Sack The Royal Family

Trews Episode 325: How Did ‘Milibrand’ Happen?

Trews Episode 324: Johnny Depp’s Migrant Dogs – Bugger Off!

Trews Episode 323: Our Mad Max Future – Unless We Fight Back

Trews Episode 322: Are We All Terrorists Now?

Trews Episode 321: Christianity Falling – Is Another President Bush The Answer?

Trews Episode 320: Prince Charles Black Spider Letters – An Establishment Web

Trews Episode 319: Why Has The News Ignored Austerity Protests?

Trews Episode 318: Election Over – Cameron’s Lies Begin

Trews Episode 317: Leaders Resign – Are They Human Again?

Trews Episode 316: Election Result – My Reaction

Trews Episode 315: Why I Backed Labour

Trews Episode 314: The Sun & Cameron Twin Evil

Trews Episode 313: David Cameron – You’re Avin’ A Laugh!

Trews Episode 312: Emergency – VOTE To Start Revolution

Trews Episode 311: Cameron Is Threatening Your Children – NO JOKE

Trews Episode 310: Green Revolution? Beyond Brighton, It’ll Take One

Trews Episode 309: Miliband – The Interview – Official Video

Trews Episode 308: Farage White Cliff Coast Guard – Should We Vote UKIP?

Trews Episode 307: Are Lib Dems The Most Pointless Party?

Trews Episode 306: Unhappy Britain – Blame Immigration? 

Trews Episode 305: Robert Downey Jr’s Painful Past – Is That News?

Trews Episode 304: Emperor’s New Clothes – Can Things Change?

Trews Episode 303: Should Be Paid As Much As Your Boss?

Trews Episode 302: Katie Hopkins Gets Her Dead Immigrants – Happy Now?

Trews Episode 301: Farage Is Dead – Long Live Miliband?

Trews Episode 300: Would A President With A Vagina Make A Difference?

Trews Episode 299: If Votings Not The Answer, What Is?

Trews Episode 298: Is ASMR Just Female Porn?

Trews Episode 297: Bali 9 Executions – Whats The Real Drug Problem?

Trews Episode 296: Cameron Vs Brand – Who Should Be On Top?

Trews Episode 295: Adult Colouring Books – Is This The Apocalypse? 

Trews Episode 294: Homophobic Pizza – Do We Have To Swallow It?

Trews Episode 293: How Can We Stop Islamophobia?

Trews Episode 292: This Easter – Does Our System Need To Be Resurrected?

Trews Episode 291: Good Friday – Should We Crucify Bill O’Reilly?

Trews Episode 290: Whats Better For You? Zero Hours Or Zero Royals?

Trews Episode 289: What Does It Mean To Support The Troops?

Trews Episode 288: Time To Put The Queen On A Zero Hour Contract?

Trews Episode 287: Am I Mad Enough To Crash A Plane Into A Mountain?

Trews Episode 286: Am I Really The 4th Most Influential Thinker?

Trews Episode 285: Zayn Malik Quits – One Direction More Important Than The General Election?

Trews Episode 284: Is Rupert Murdock More Powerful Than Your Vote?

Trews Episode 283: Would You Discuss Racism In Starbucks?

Trews Episode 282: If Politics Is Dead, Is The Election Its Funeral?

Trews Episode 281: Whats The Problem With Comic Relief?

Trews Episode 280: Are David Cameron & The Sun Like Us?

Trews Episode 279: Is Capitalism A Religion?

Trews Episode 278: Ferguson Shootings – Which Ones Are Murder?

Trews Episode 277: Elton John Vs D&G – Are We All “Synthetic Children”?

Trews Episode 276: Is Lil Wayne A Lil’ Ferguson?

Trews Episode 275: Are Racist Emails Normal At Work?

Trews Episode 274: Sack Jeremy Clarkson – Yes Or No?

Trews Episode 273: Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Apple Watch (SPiWatch)

Trews Episode 272: The Colour Of Kim Kardashian’s Hair Or Husband – Whats Really Important?

Trews Episode 271: Is Boris Johnson A Bigger Problem Than Jihadi John?

Trews Episode 270: ISIS Vs Climate Change – Which Kills More?

Trews Episode 269: Sex, Softcore & Hardcore Porn – I Respond To Your Questions!

Trews Episode 268: Could I Have Been Jihadi John?

Trews Episode 267: Homeless Man Shot Dead By LAPD – Are Police Deadlier Than Terrorists?

Trews Episode 266: Should Oscar Winners Be Political?

Trews Episode 265: Government Spying – Who’s The Biggest Threat To Your Security?

Trews Episode 264: Are Benefit Cheats Really The Ones Mugging Us?

Trews Episode 263: Paris Football Racism – Is It Worth £5.1 Bn?

Trews Episode 262: Why Would Teen Brit Girls Become Jihadi Brides?

Trews Episode 261: 50 Shades – Has Porn Ruined My Chance Of A Happy Marriage?

Trews Episode 260: Marijuana Vs Sugar – Which Drug Is Most Dangerous?

Trews Episode 259: The Church Vs Russell Brand’s Sex Appeal?

Trews Episode 258: Should Tony Abbott Feel Guilty About Child Abuse?

Trews Episode 257: Chapel Hill Vs Copenhagen – Which Is Terrorism?

Trews Episode 256: Uma Thurman’s Face: What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 255: HSBC Tax Dodgers – Why Are MPs In Bed With Them?

Trews Episode 254: Irish Water Robbery – A Greek Revolution Needed?

Trews Episode 253: Who’s F*cking Us Over – HSBC Or Immigrants?

Trews Episode 252: Prince Charles, Islam & Selling Arms To Human Rights Abusers

Trews Episode 251: Is Beyonce To Blame For Teenage Pregnancy?

Trews Episode 250: Are Refugees Australia’s And Our Collective Responsibility?

Trews Episode 249: 2015 Super Bowl Commercials – What Do They Want?

Trews Episode 248: Donald Trump For President? The Bald Truth

Trews Episode 247: Is There A God? YES! Stephen Fry Proves It

Trews Episode 246: Katie Hopkins VS Katie Price – Compassion Should Win

Trews Episode 245: How MPs Choose Nuclear Armageddon Over Nurses

Trews Musings With Russell Brand: Damien Hirst And Context

Trews Episode 244: Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles?

Trews Episode 243: Are The Government Fracking Us Over?

Trews Episode 242: Greek Revolution Against Corruption – Will We Follow?

Trews Episode 241: American Sniper – Is It Unpatriotic To Oppose Guns?

Trews Episode 240: Cameron / Miliband TV Debate – Political 8 Mile?

Trews Episode 239: Page 3 Is No More – Victory For Feminism?

Trews Episode 238: How Fox Lies Fuel The War On Drugs

Trews Episode 237: Should NHS Nurses Suffer For Politicians’ Blood Money

Trews Episode 236: Is It OK To Bully Bruce Jenner?

Trews Episode 235: Tony Blair Not In Jail? I Literally Don’t Understand

Trews Episode 234: Farage & Hannity Together – Is Fox A No-Go Zone?

Trews Episode 233: If You’re Non-Muslim In Birmingham, Get Out!

Trews Episode 232: Charlie Hebdo – Does Fox News Terrorise Us?

Trews Episode 231: Charlie Hebdo – Whose Fault Is It?

Trews Episode 230: How Do I Become A Vegan?

Trews Episode 229: The Trews VS Nike World Cup Commercial

Trews Episode 228: Is Revolution Inevitable?

Trews Episode 227: Who Do Politicians Take Money From?

Trews Episode 226: Is Spirituality Still Important?

Trews Episode 225: How Do We Stop Corporations From Becoming Evil?

Trews Episode 224: The Trews VS Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

Trews Episode 223: Do Rich People Deserve To Be Rich?

Trews Episode 222: What Would Make Politicians Take Notice?

Trews Episode 221: The Trews VS Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial

Trews Episode 220: Boxing Day Best Of…

Trews Episode 219: Merry Christmas Best Of The Trews

Trews Episode 218: Who Is Our Real Common Enemy?

Trews Episode 217:  The Trews VS John Lewis Xmas Advert

Trews Episode 216: The Terror Of How Banks Use Our Money

Trews Episode 215: How To Beat A Corporation By New Era

Trews Episode 214: The Trews VS The Sainsbury’s Xmas Commercial

Trews Episode 213: Pakistan Massacre – How Can We Move On?

Trews Episode 212: Don’t Let Sydney Siege Claim Your Freedom!

Trews Episode 211: CIA Torture – Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Lifts Lid

Trews Episode 210: Forget Farage, Support Unions And Fight Back!

Trews Episode 209: Question Time – Will These Questions Come Up?

Trews Episode 208: Guess Who Profits From Selling Off The NHS?

Trews Episode 207: CIA Torture – What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 206: Ireland! Care About Water? Bunk Work Wednesday!

Trews Episode 205: The Sun Dodge Tax – Is That Funny?

Trews Episode 204: What’s The Point Of The News?

Trews Episode 203: Who Are The Real Hypocrites? #TheSunLogic

Trews Episode 202: New Era Rent Row – What’s The Agenda?

Trews Episode 201: Who Does David Cameron Really Work For?

Trews Episode 200: Mayor Of NYC Condemns Westbrook

Trews Episode 199: Are Business Leaders Psychopaths?

Trews Episode 198: How Can We Confront Walmart?

Trews Episode 197: Ferguson – What Value Do Our Laws Have?

Trews Episode 196: Who’s Coming Over Here Taking Our Jobs?

Trews Episode 195: What Would Stop Leaders Going To War?

Trews Episode 194: Student Protests – Is Education A Right?

Trews Episode 193: Why Are We Really Being Spied On?

Trews Episode 192: ‘Pickup Artist’ Julien Blanc – My Thoughts

Trews Episode 191: Should War On ISIS Violence Begin At Home?

Trews Episode 190: Why Can’t Politicians Talk Like Normal People?

Trews Episode 189: Irish Pay Water Tax – Corporations Dodge Billions

Trews Episode 188: Kim Kardashian’s Arse – What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 187: Osama Bin Laden Doll – Dumb Or Dumber?

Trews Episode 186: Disabled Residents Told To Repay Hurricane Aid

PARKLIFE – Featuring Rubberbandits (Russell Brand)

Trews Episode 185: Parklife – 90 Year Old Man Arrested For Feeding Homeless

Trews Episode 184: How Do We Deal With Police Violence?

Trews Episode 183: US Midterm Elections – Is This Democracy??

Trews Episode 182: Why Are Families Collapsing? 

‘Revolution’ Exclusive Third Reading By Russell Brand

Trews Episode 181: Does Any Party Represent African-Americans? PART 1

Trews Episode 180: How You’re Paying Twice For Your Big Mac

Trews Episode 179: TTIP – How We’re Lied To About Food

Trews Episode 178: Will Superheroes Save The Planet?

Trews Episode 177: Minimum Wage, Do You Deserve It?

Trews Episode 176: London Mayor – Good For Business

Trews Episode 175: Trewsnight – Whats The Agenda?

Trews Episode 174: Ottawa Killings, Who Wins?

Trews Episode 173: Renee Zellweger’s Face. What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 172: The Truth About Cameron, Immigration & Our Media

Trews Episode 171: Whats The Crime Of Robbing A Bank?

‘Revolution’ Exclusive 2nd Reading By Russell Brand

Trews Episode 170: Can We Ditch Capitalism?

Trews Episode 169: You Want To Get Arrested?

Trews Episode 168: “I Adore John Lydon. However…”

Trews Episode 167: Why Are McDonalds Workers On Strike?

‘Revolution’ Exclusive First Reading By Russell Brand

Trew Love: Feat Alex Baldwin & Russell Brand

Trews Episode 166: What Happens When Fossil Fuels Run Out?

Trews Episode 165: Are The BBC Turned On By UKIP?

Trews Episode 164: Is David Cameron The Terrorist?

Trews Episode 163: Should There Be A Maximum Wage?

Trews Episode 162: Does Fox Prefer Guns Or Racism?

Trews Episode 161: Is Ebola The New AIDs?

Trews Episode 160: Who Are Politicians Really Representing?

Trews Episode 159: Is Anarchy The Answer?

Trews Episode 158: Do We Have The Democracy Hong Kong Want?

Trews Episode 157: War, What Is It Good For (Cameron+Obama)?

Trews Episode 156: Mainstream Media Corruption Is Killing People

Trews Episode 155: Ignore Parliament – Take Action!

Trews Episode 154: For Real Politics Ignore Westminster – Do It Yourself

Trews Episode 153: Should Obama Return His Nobel Peace Prize?

Trews Episode 152: Is It Your Fault Your Poor?

Trews Episode 151: Does Tony Blair’s Face Belong On Milk Cartons?

Trews Episode 150: Westminster Fear & Bias Media Shafted Scotland

Trews Episode 149: Who Profits From Denying Climate Change?

Trews Episode 148: Could Scotland Defend Itself From ISIS?

Trews Episode 147: Why Cameron’s Scared Of Scottish Divorce

Trews Episode 146: Will Obama’s Bombs Stop Isis Beheadings?

Trews Episode 145: Naked Celebrity Photo Leak, Can You Be Bothered?

Trews Episode 144: Apple Watch? Do Apple Know What Time It Is?

Trews Episode 143: End The Monarchy Now! For The Baby!

Trews Episode 142: Farage Vs Hannity, Right-Wing Lovers?

Trews Episode 141: Fox News Explains Why Being Black Is No Problem

Trews Episode 140: Revolution Without Violence?

Trews Episode 139: Even Left-Wing Media Supports The Establishment

Trews Episode 138: Can Fox Teach Your Child About ISIS?

Trews Episode 137: Does David Cameron Secretly Like ISIS?

Trews Episode 136: Can We Take Profit Out Of Medicine?

Trews Episode 135: How Terrifying Is The Food Industry?

Trews Episode 134: Who’s More Dangerous? Me Or Fox News?

Trews Episode 133: Left-Wing Commie Scum?

Trews Episode 132: Independence, Yes But Not Just For Scotland

Trews Episode 131: Can We Take Money Out Of Politics?

Trews Episode 130: Welcome To The Sean Hannity School Of Bullying

Trews Episode 129: Is White Supremacy The Real Offender?

Russell Brands Ice Bucket Challenge

Trews Episode 128: Collaboration With The Young Turks

Trews Episode 127: Can We Trust Military Intervention In Iraq?

Trews Episode 126: Who Is To Blame For Isis?

Trews Episode 125: Barclays Petition & Gaza

Trews Episode 124: Whats Behind The Ferguson Protests?

Trews Episode 123: Ferguson Protests, Where Do We Stand?

Trews Episode 122: Which Companies Invest In Gaza Violence? 

Trews Episode 121: Robin Williams, What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 120: Iraq, Will Terrorist Fear-Mongering Help?

Trews Episode 119: Are Commercials Unsettling Us?

Trews Episode 118: Should People Smoke Cannabis?

Trews Episode 117: Is This The Solution To Immigration?

Trews Episode 116: Should Scotland Be Independent?

Trews Episode 115: Whats Wrong With America?

Trews Episode 114: Israel Vs Palestine, Sean Hannity Round 2

Trews Episode 113: Is This The Solution To Poverty?

Trews Episode 112: Whats the Strategy?

Trews Episode 111: Israel And Palestine – Is This A Debate?

Trews Episode 110: FIRST KISS – Can Anything Be Commondified?

Trews Episode 109: Community Projects Matter

Trews Episode 108: Apple Conspiracy Theory – Planned Obsolescense

Trews Episode 107: The Disgusting Truth About McDonalds

Trews Episode 106: New World Order

Trews Episode 105: The Seven Chakras Of The Human Body

Trews Episode 104: Middle East Conflict – Israel Vs Palestine

Trews Episode 103: Climate Change Deniers

Trews Episode 102: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Inside Job?

Trews Episode 101: Should I Become A Vegan?

Trews Episode 100: Fox News Are Nazis

Trews Episode 99: Fox News Supports Hunting Animals

Trews Episode 98: What’s Behind These 2014 Commercials?

Trews Episode 97: Why Do Fox News Love Guns So Much?

Trews Episode 96: Am I A Freemason?

Trews Episode 95: Climate Change Debate, Which Is The Hoax?

Trews Extra: Gay Marriage Vs Maths

Trews Extra: Bill O’Reilly Vs Mexican Children

Trews Extra: Bill O’Reilly Vs The Chinese

Trews Episode 94: Nigel Farage UKIP’s Puppet?

Trews Episode 93: What Would Jesus Do With Fox?

Trews Episode 92: Angry Comments I’ve Received

Trews Episode 91: Gay Marriage, Whats Really Gone Wrong With It?

Trews Episode 90: Rolf Harris, What Should We Think?

Trews Episode 89: Does Fox News Want Us To Be Racist?

Trews Episode 88: Is The Government Keeping You Poor?

Trews Episode 87: Am I The Illuminati?

Trews Episode 86: Is Fox News More Dangerous Than ISIS?

Trews Episode 85: ISIS, Why Would British Teenagers Join? 

Trews Episode 84: Are We Being Kept Illiterate?

Trews Episode 83: Cancer, Why Are The Media So Obsessed?

Trews Episode 82: Religion, Can We Dismiss It?

Trews Episode 81: How Can We Reclaim Power?

Trews Episode 80: Would You Trust This Man?

Trews Episode 79: Who Is To Blame For Violence In Iraq?

Trews Episode 78: Are One Direction The New Bros?

Trews Episode 77: Are You Worried About The World Cup?

Trews Episode 76: Is The Slender Man Dangerous?

Trews Episode 75: Is Time An Illusion?

Trews Episode 74: Do Lost Tribes Care About The World Cup?

Trews Episode 73: Should We Have A Royal Family?

Trews Episode 72: Can We Condemn Bieber For Childhood N-Word?

Trews Episode 71: Are You Angry With Justin Bieber?

Trews Episode 70: How Should You Greet People?

Trews Episode 69: Should The World Cup Be In Qatar?

Trews Episode 68: Would You Take A Pill To Help You Forget?

Trews Episode 67: How Can We Stop Tax Dodgers?

Trews Episode 66: Are Immigrants The Real Problem?

Trews Episode 65: Why Are Politicians Not Normal?

Trews Episode 64: Are You Born Racist?

Trews Episode 63: Do The Unemployed Prefer Being On Benefits? 

Trews Episode 62: Is It Wrong To Pay For Sex?

Trews Episode 61: How Can We Survive The Urban Jungle?

Trews Episode 60: Should Alastair Campbell & Mo Ansar Been On The Trews?

Trews Episode 59: Do Celebrities Gain Weight?

Trews Episode 58: How Can We Stop Discrimination?

Trews Episode 57: Are The Media Making Us Islamophobes?

Trews Episode 56: Fracking, Is It Corrupt?

Trews Episode 55: Jay-Z Assault Just A Family Quarrel? 

Trews Episode 54: How Does Eurovision Conchita Make You Feel?

Trews Episode 53: Is Kim Kardashian Human?

Trews Episode 52: Halal, Is It The Meat You’re Looking For?

Trews Episode 51: Are You Outraged At Halal Pizza?

Trews Episode 50: Is Miley Cyrus Being Sacrificed?

Trews Episode 49: Comments Answered With David Baddiel Part 2

Trews Episode 48: Your Trews Comments Answered With David Baddiel

Trews Episode 47: Kate Middleton Or Jessica Ennis?

Trews Episode 46: Should You Be Able To Watch Death On Youtube?

Trews Episode 45: Is Tradition Invented?

Trews Episode 44: What Dangers Lurk In Your Cupboard?

Trews Episode 43: Can We Predict When We’ll Die?

Trews Episode 42: Why Do We Love Animals?

Trews Episode 41: Who Do You Think You Are?

Trews Episode 40: What Makes A Good Manager?

Trews Episode 39: Is Prince Harry Impotent?

Trews Episode 38: How Do The Media Scare Us?

Trews Episode 37: What Does The Way You Sleep Say About Your Relationships?

Trews Episode 36: Are We Being Lied To About Healthy Foods?

Trews Episode 35: Topless Zac Efron Objectified?

Trews Episode 34: Do We Care About David Cameron’s Clothes?

Trews Episode 33: Do Disney Eroticise Women?

Trews Episode 32: Is Art Bollocks?

Trews Episode 31: What Is A Terrorist?

Trews Episode 30: Sadly Peaches Geldof Has Died

Trews Episode 29: Can We Blame Corrupt Politicians?

Trews Episode 28: Is Nigella Lawson A Goddess?

Trews Episode 27: Is Killer Smog The Apocalypse 

Trews Episode 26: Is Immigration To Blame?

Trews Episode 25: Should We Eat Vegetables Or Chocolate?

Trews Episode 24: Is Climate Change A Lie?

Trews Episode 23: David Cameron Do Your Job

Trews Episode 22: Whats Inside Emma Watsons Make Up Bag?

Trews Episode 21: Are We Stupid To Be Superstitious

Trews Episode 20: Prince Harry, Is He Just Like Us?

Trews Episode 19: Missing Jet, Is It Boring Now?

Trews Episode 18: Could The Prime Minister Help More People?

Trews Episode 17: Westboro Church Secretly Gay?

Trews Episode 16: Why The Budget Hates You

Trews Episode 15: Behind The Scenes At The United Nations

Trews Episode 14: Mick Jagger’s Grief Porn

Trews Extra: Russell Brand Answers Your Comments

Trews Episode 13: Plane Hijack, Are Cartoons To Blame?

Trews Episode 12: Renee Zellweger, Is She Getting Older?

Trews Episode 11: Oscar Pistorius, Is Trial Just A Freak Show?

Trews Episode 10: Why David Cameron Wants You Looking At Pictures Of Him With His Daughter

Trews Episode 9: X Factor, Is It All A Lie?

Trews Episode 8: Missing Plane, Did Terrorism Cause It?

Trews Episode 7: Truth Behind Oscar Selfie

Trews Episode 6: Sugar, Is It Really Killing You?

Trews Episode 5: Parliament, Why Its Made Of Leather And Wood

Trews Episode 4: Oscar Selfie, Was Ellen Selling Us An Idea?

Trews Extra: Are Actors Ordinary People?

Trews Episode 3: Russia, Should We Be Afraid Of Putin?

Trews Extra: Poor Kids Need To Act Posh

Trews Episode 2: Should I Use Hand Cream On My Face

Trews Episode 1: Ambulances Driven By Homeless People

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72 comments for “Episodes

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  27. Ryan
    September 28, 2016 at 1:28 am

    What can I say other than you have opened both mine, and plenty of people’s eyes to the severity of the predicament we are in. (The 99%)

    Thank you for everything your a true inspiration to change my life around.
    I await your return !

  28. Tundra
    June 15, 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Capitalism, Capitalism..You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means….I find much of your thought process piercingly accurate and refreshingly insightful, but then your conclusions often leave me unsatisfied. Have you studied the rationale behind Capitalism i.e., its philosophical origins? Do you really think what we see today is in fact Capitalism? Or do you like many others just recklessly use the term Capitalism as a synonym for greed? Please check and balance your thought process more carefully before going down the Piketty line of thought. Who will administer these taxes and how has giving institutions and governments that kind of power turned out in the past? Love your show and I look forward to more episodes. Always gets me thinking.

  29. Big kate
    June 4, 2015 at 11:55 am

    IF you think corruption in the city and football is rampant – have a look at medicine

    this is from the centre for evidence based medicine at Oxford University


    Its by Dr Peter Wilmshurt on the role of whistle-blowers in improving the integrity of the evidence base – its shows that

    there is massive corruption at every level in medicine – massive data fraud – complete falsification of science – huge pay-offs to senior doctors – and anybody who has a conscience and speaks up – loses there job for life!

    For example one doctor only got struck off after decades of his falsifying evidence.,
    Why did he get struck off because he lied to his patients telling them that there was a 20 week waiting list for surgery when in fact it was 2 weeks.
    So that of course they would then pay for the surgery privately to save their life. He would recommend surgery when it was unnecessary, he did major surgery when only minor needed doing and he left his patients incontinent and without sexual feeling for life.In fact he was only struck off for a while and then was allowed to take retirement. – this is someone who should be in prison rather than living off a fat pension.

    • Ursula Riches
      July 4, 2015 at 8:14 am

      How about the mercury fillings in our teeth which are 50% mercury. They get drilled out and splatter all over our mouths, they disappear into our bodies, they grow smaller over time, they corrode with the acids in our mouths, they off gas. Oh its only such a small amount they say …but a continual small amount of something highly toxic is not good. I have ingested lots of fillings as two teeth were removed which only had roots left. I have ingested fillings when I have had dental work done, when fillings have been put in and of course when they have been drilled out. Migraines neck pain, ear pain sore throats swollen neck bladder problems, kidney pain, incontinence, aching body, sweats, inability to cope with heat and cold, stiff neck, uncomfortable stomach, husky and high pitched voice, weight loss and gain, water retention, swelling, fatigue, waking at night and unable to go back to sleep, falling asleep in the daytime, brain fog, wheezy chest, breathlessness, aching body, allergies, especially hayfever, catching everything ie compromised immune system, red cheeks and red face, pain in eyes, feeling Terrible,…M.S. CFS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Lupus, damaged glands… Why can RB not campaign against toxic stuff being put into our mouths? It is the poor who have no choice but to keep poison in our teeth and the poor who have no choice but to accept it. RB please take mercury amalgams off of the table for the people of the UK by campaigning against it. Ursula

  30. David Watts
    May 20, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    SHOULD WE TRUST RUSSELL BRAND????????????????????????????


  31. March 14, 2015 at 5:27 am

    Hi RB/ Trews team,
    I noticed that in ep 275 you mentioned adding more diversity to your team, specifically young black professionals. Is this a serious intention? if so, what would be the appropriate channel to apply? 

  32. Big Mowma
    March 2, 2015 at 1:46 am

    Could you please tell us what the tattoos say on your left upper arm? I hope it’s not too personal. Thank you.

  33. shelley
    February 8, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    I also Have stopped receiving my subscription link notices..I’m sure its a conspiracy..lol .could you look into it please. I tried resubscribing but no luck

  34. Hannes R.
    February 6, 2015 at 10:33 am

    Hi Russel, first of all thanks for what you do. I have been following the video blog for a few months now and started reading Revolution. I have just arrived at the line where you talk about atheistic tyranny sponsoring materialistic and pessimistic principles. Well, I am sure you have made your experiences, but I clearly have to disagree here. To the contrary, an atheist can be a very spiritual soul embracing moments of oneness – just without the supernatural buddy. I also experience atheists as being way more oriented on this mortal world rather than on a dubious afterlife with a greater will to live a good life and improve conditions on our planet. Indeed, many atheists are caring and optimistic creatures  I think for a unifying common mystic not the belief in a God but rather a certain connectedness with all things – nature, living beings, oneself – is essential – and probably less brutal.

    @ support team: I have stopped receiving the TREWS with episode 241, could you check on my subscription? thx!

  35. Sam
    February 2, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Thank you for covering the issues around disability. My mother has cared for my disabled brother her whole life. She is an elderly carer and being a carer has impacted her health negatively. She is now having to fight to keep her allowances for my brother and it looks like she will lose. It is absolutely heartbreaking to me to see this happen. How can we possibly not care for people who are unable to care for themselves?

  36. shelley
    December 26, 2014 at 2:37 am

    Hello, I continue to find hope for our freedom by identifying with what I hear on TREWS. It truly resonates with my insides. I think people would take care of each other if given the opportunity. Thank you.
    I don’t know if anyone reads this but I guess putting it “out there” can’t hurt. I came across this info, then promptly joined the Evolution Revolution http://www.theglobalconversation.com/blog/?page_id=4875. I wonder what your take is on these folks and what their attempting to do on March 12, 2015. I know its way too God-dy for most folks and maybe it actually is, that’s why I’m trying to get all smarter people I know of to look into it. In gratitude, Shelley

  37. Psyche
    November 29, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Russell,
    I’m one of thousands of people who have been kicked off Facebook in the past two months for not using our “real” names. The “Nymwars” are a real problem — Facebook has become an indispensable tool for social connection, yet users are being prevented from identifying themselves as they choose. There are many valid reasons for people not to use their “real” names on Facebook; some users, such as transgender people and victims of domestic violence, are putting their lives at risk by posting their real names. Facebook is due to further tighten its privacy policy on 1st January. Would you be willing to help spread the word? Thanks!

  38. Andrew Currie
    August 30, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Russell, please continue to feature The Scottish Independence debate on The Trews, there are lots of people still making up their minds on how they will vote and they need to hear the truth. As it happens, I have made up my mind and will be voting yes. Scotland plays host to nuclear weapons at the moment and in the event of a yes vote, Scotland will get rid of these illegal weapons, sending a message of Peace to the world. This will hopefully be our small country’s first of many global messages of Peace, this can only be a good thing, right???

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