7 Pros For Brexit ~ Russell Brand The Trews Extra

7 Pros For Brexit

Why Russell Brand Thinks Devolution Of Power Is Good

Brexit is a result of when the population get galvanised and when people have finally had enough with corruption, systemic inefficiency, and an oligarchy set on domination and corruption. When people come together they get politically represented the way that they want it and a majority of British people want to leave the EU, so lets accept this and be positive about it otherwise you just become another fear monger probably without even knowing that is what you become.

Any devolution of power is a positive thing for people.People who run banking systems and trans-national corporations are not concerned about the standard of living for normal folk, all they are doing is making as much money as possible, taking away our rights and giving us some daft flag to believe in. Anything to break down these power structures is a good thing.

The more you have communities that have direct purchase over power the better it is. When people talk about that new world order and globalisation, theres a version of that where you think “ah, it be nice is everything was centralised and everyone had the same rights”. But we now know that any powerful dense body will exploit that power so the more devolution there is the better. Devolution so that the power is in the communities where people live, local people will know better what circumstances need to be addressed for their own areas. We need a transition where politics becomes about service and how to serve communities.

“Where possible devolve power, do not concentrate power”


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